Booketition - a book reading competition platform
Cultivate reading in your company and increase engagement at work
Imagine organizing regular reading competitions in minutes
Team building
Unite your employees through fun and interesting reading competitions
Reducing stress
6 minutes of reading can reduce employees' stress by 68%
Quality of reading
Each book read is verified by our AI generated assessment that checks how well one has read and remembered the book..
Reading competitions are now easy to organize
  • Various reading competitions
  • Rating of readers
  • Prizes for winners
Booketition is a reading competition platform based on a simple, quick assessment with 2 choice questions and a skip option to prove one has read a book.
The Booketition app is easy and has everything you need for smooth and comprehensive reading competition
The app comes with a shelf for books to keep a record of your reading progess
Global ranking
As you compete you see what you global ranking among other readers is
Readers can find suitable contests that express their reading goals
From readers for readers
Booketition motivates people to read more and give them an opportunity to prove their reading

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